Why Italian leather is so famous

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Italian leather has a wonderful reputation. It is associated with timeless elegance, style and long-lasting strength especially when it comes to furniture. Choosing the right furniture is a big part of what gives your home the beautiful and unique personal touch. When it comes to interior design, the sofa will often set the tone for a lounge, fireplace setting or any other space where it’s placed. If you think about getting yourself a piece of timeless furniture go for a sofa that’s made out of Italian leather since the classic style is one that is enduring.

Italian leather furniture stands for quality and timeless design that does not follow a trend. Italian leather is a material that was made to last, and its furniture is designed simple and sophisticated, at the same time functional and adaptable to both its surrounding space and environment.

The term “Italian leather” is a trademark. It indicates a traditional vegetable tanning process of cowhides, which has been invented in the Tuscan region. This method uses natural tannins such as the liquid extract from tree bark, which give the leather its very distinct colour and personality and make it this resistant, elastic and smooth.

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Compared to other tanning processes that involve chemicals such as chrome, vegetable tanning is known to take longer to make since it is not as effective as using heavy metals. The process takes a tannery often up to several months to lime, soak, dye, and dry to turn the raw quality hides into Italian leather. The result is a stronger and longer lasting leather that is even water resistant. Since the method takes a great deal of craftsmanship, it has given the country a reputation as the leading leather manufacturer in the world.

There are several powerful reasons for choosing Italian leather furniture, three of them are listed below:


One of the reasons Italian leather is so highly regarded is because of its quality. The craftsmanship that goes into producing an Italian leather product is of the very highest standard since much of the tanning process is still done by hand as it ensures that every inch of the hide is processed to perfection.


Italian leather is a well-made material. More than any other leather, Italian leather furniture is extremely robust. It is durable and made to last. When purchased, your favourite piece of furniture will be able to withstand the challenges of everyday wear, since most scratches and marks can be easily wiped away.


Every furniture piece is one of a kind. The special nuances that make this kind of leather immediately recognizable and give your couch a very distinctive look are the result of the natural tanning process.

Full-grain and top-grain leather are two terms that refer to what section of the hide the leather comes from and how it is processed. Full grain leather is taken from the thick top section of the hide. This type of leather has not been sanded, and natural marks will remain on the hide, which assures the customer a more raw and unique skin product with all its imperfections and natural features. Full-grain leather is hardwearing and incredibly robust and therefore often used for making wallets and purses.

Top grain leather is made of the thinner layer of the hide, sanded, and therefore more flexible and softer than the full grain one. It is less breathable but still greatly resistant to stains. Top grain leather is suitable for aniline dying which gives the coat a luxurious finish but at the same time retains the hides natural surface grain known for high-quality Italian Leather furniture.

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