The so many ways that the locksmith business has changed Over the years

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As a locksmith in San Diego for nearly a decade and a long time visitor to the area I Have seen a lot change over the years. Not only has San Diego changed but the Locksmith industry in the area has changed dramatically over the last 25 years.

25 years ago there were no smart locks, bio-identification locks, transponder keys, Smart alarms, etc. As a locksmith all that was needed to be done is to have keys cut or new locks installed. Today it is so much different. While most homes in San Diego Still use the traditional deadbolt type lock, the vehicles have improved technologies in them that the locksmith needs to understand in order to effectively fulfill their Job.

The automotive locksmith industry has changed so much that the locksmith of today needs to keep on hand all kinds of different key programming equipment and parts. Not all automotive locksmiths can open all kinds of cars. Some of the 2018 Models only the dealership can make keys or open the door for you. As a locksmith that is a tough pill to swallow knowing that some automotive locksmith jobs will not Be able to be fulfilled by my San Diego locksmith company.

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Today our locksmith company is receiving a lot of calls from commercial property Owners wanting us to come and replace their old locks with hightech electronic Locks which can be controlled remotely via a Bluetooth connection and the internet.

The Bluetooth locks are favorite of my locksmith company for their security, ease of Installation, techy features and overall awesomeness. These types of hightech locks Were not even imagined during the baby boomer generation!

But there is a downside to this story too. Today more and more people are choosing to install cheap locks from China. These locks are not only made of low quality Materials but the craftsmanship is also terrible. When the cheapo China locks are Compared side by side with locks made in America the China locks failed miserably.

Best advice when choosing a lock is to upgrade to the highest quality lock that you Can afford.

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