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Paints are a combination of binders and pigments and basically available in liquid state. Paints create solid film while applied on a surface which protects the surface from some harmful dangers like weathering, corrosion and chemical attacks etc. so you should make your home or office paint regularly to keep the elements of office or home safe in Toronto. You can hire the services of painting from painting company in Toronto which provides professional commercial and residential painters. Paints are of different types and used for different construction works as per the requirement.

Various types of paints and their applications

All paints are not convenient for all situations. Different types of paints are suitable for different conditions such as:

  • Aluminum paints – this paint are made by combining fine aluminum with oil or spirit varnishes. Spirit varnish takes shorter time to dry and oil varnish takes longer period to dry. So, varnish will be used according to the need. This paint is usually used for metallic surface, wood works etc. The layer of paint has to make hard by evaporating oil or spirit.

Aluminum paints have some benefits like waterproofing, weathering, corrosion, electricity-resistant. It is clearly visible in dark and offers good appearance.

  • Asbestos paint – asbestos paint is a specially purpose paint which is made up of fibrous asbestos. It is used for leaking coverage in metal roofs, for protecting surfaces, for patch works from steam and acid gases. It can also prevent Rusting of flashings, pouts, gutters etc using asbestos coating.
  • Cement based paint – these paints contain cement as the common material. The paints contain accelerator, pigment, cement and other added materials and they are in powdered form. The paint is produced by combining water to the available powder and stirs it to the needed consistency. The paint can be applied to the external and internal surfaces and has a quality of waterproofing.
  • Plastic paints – plastic paint includes plastic as a base material. It does not take much time to dry, has high coating power and offers better appearance. They are purposely used for slabs, decks, coating walls etc.
  • Enamel paints – the main components of enamel paints are petroleum spirit, metallic oxide and resinous and oil matter. It takes time to dry the paint but it forms a very hard and smooth layer after drying. The formed layer cannot get damaged by alkalis, gas fumes, acids, water etc. Enamel paints are used for painting stairs, door, windows, decks etc.
  • Graphite paints – this paint is made up of graphite and appears as black color. It is purposely used for painting underground components like mines and iron structures also.

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