Oak Bathroom Vanity Units-Its Types

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Here we are talking about Oak bathroom vanity units. When we observe our bathroom we see that there are so many items to clean our body. However they create clutter due to lack of proper storage space. If you have a cluttered bathroom then it may prove to be stressful. When you go to the market of sanity ware you will get many types of vanity units from which you may choose one. The designs of these units may vary and the size of these units may differ with each other. If you choose or select some corresponding design or structure then this will depend on the taste of yours for bathroom design. You may even subdivide the kind of bathroom vanities depending on the material with which it is designed. Most vanity units are made of wood, stone, glass and metal. Some units are even made of PVC material.

Types of vanity units

  • Natural stone vanity

These Oak bathroom vanity units are made of stones like granite or marble. They even use volcanic stones. They are just used as the counter top of these bathroom units. Other parts of these units are made of stainless steel and wood. The cost of these bathroom vanity tops may be quite high. This is because they have elegance and are very high. You may even pre-order as well as customize the shape or size of natural stone vanity.

  • Wood base vanity

These kinds of vanity bathroom units have their own classic style. These units are made of materials like teak, cherry, teak as well as other kind of wood. Some experts also make them from MDF board. These units have dark stains along with heavy wood. This gives an antique feel to these vanity bathroom units. Vanity units using wood are more durable.

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