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High energy consumption rate is now considered as the problem for many of the house owners. They find that high energy bills affect their monthly budget drastically. People look for every possible method to cut down the energy bills. As a result, either they fail to cut down the energy bills or face lots of inconvenience. One of the best convenient methods for the house owners to reduce their energy bills is to look for the insulation methods. By insulating the property, there will be no heat exchange between the interiors and exteriors. This automatically helps in reducing the energy bills effectively. Various types of methods are there for insulation but spray foam method is highly popular in Connecticut.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam is composed of mainly two materials polyurethane and isocyanate. On combining these chemicals, smooth and expandable solution is formed. It gets hardened when applied on the surface.  Hire Spray foam insulation company ct to make your home insulated. There are two main types of spray foam insulation. These are:

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  • open-cell
  • closed-cell

Open cell spray foam is denser and has the spongy texture. The layer of the spray foam is sprayed or applied on the walls of the house to make it well insulated.

 Benefits of applying the spray foam for insulation

Spray foam insulation contractor from ct are experienced and certified to make your home insulated through this method. As there are number of benefits of insulating your house with this method, many people are opting for this. These benefits include:

No growth of bacteria: Since, the spray foam has any food value so it does not provide any kind of breeding ground to the bacteria or any other microorganisms.   Thus, it makes your house hygienic.

Effective sealing is formed: When the layer of spray foam is applied on the walls, spray foam gets hardened. This restricts condensation that occurs through the cavities or pores present in the wall. Hence, makes your property completely insulated.


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