Kitchen Renovations for 2019

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The Kitchen is the most often used area in a home. But, it is also the area that is easily ignored for upgradation until the telltale signs that your kitchen needs to be revamped become an immediate necessity.  This is because kitchen renovation is a huge project and apart from the cost involved in the renovation, the inconvenience you would have to put up with because the kitchen would be out of use for at least a month or two for renovations are usually the reasons for the delay. The kitchen renovations will ensure that you have a well-equipped kitchen with highly efficient and modern gadgets that would save electricity cost as well as make you want to use the kitchen often.

Trends in Kitchen renovation

The kitchen renovation idea you do wish to apply to your kitchen should take into account the best practices in the market and ensure that it is within the budget and good enough to satisfy the functional needs.  The kitchen remodel trends in 2019 that would make the kitchen great in appearance, trendy and functional include


There seems to be an increased preference for quartz as a countertop material. It seems to rank high on preference owing to various features such as indestructibility and hard surface. However, you need to be cautious while placing hot pots on it, as it might damage the material. But, it is preferred to granite which is considered at present to make the kitchen look a bit ordinary and also owing to the porous nature that might lead to accumulation of bacteria when it is not cleaned correctly.


When you are thinking of Kitchen renovations Brantford, Ontario, the trend 2019 is to substitute the Ultra bright white that is usually opted for kitchens with unexpected colours that range from green-tinged colour to terracotta with earthier hue to give the kitchen a moodier tone. Vibrant tones that enhance energy and induce positive spirits, as well as black and moodier kitchens, seem to be the trend in 2019.


Having mentioned about the change in trends with regard to hues, it is indeed noteworthy that the matte finish that is in trend for the past decade remains the preferred finish for cabinets and all other aspects of the kitchen when compared to the glossy finish that is preferred by very few people even in the past.

Tiled walls

Tiled walls are still in trend considering the maintenance aspect as well as the visual impact they can create. In this light, grid patterns or intricately patterned Spanish and Moroccan tiles seem to be the latest choice.

Looking beyond stainless steel

While the stoves and hoods generally feature the colour of steel, the design trends in 2019 indicate a shift for brightly stoves and matching hoods. Though this might involve substantial investment, they seem to go ahead with it to deviate from the pastel and primary hues.

These are just a few trends for kitchen renovation to get you started. There are lot more updations to consider which include the type of appliances, the kitchen furniture, under the counter cabinets, etc. which you have to consider in tandem to have a kitchen that is good to look at, comfortable to maintain, functional and trendy. Research properly before finalizing a renovation plan for your kitchen.

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