Improve your home appearance by purchasing the right rugs

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Rugs are one of floor coverings that are small in size than carpets and usually its length varies up to only 2m. These rugs are made of quality materials and are available in different styles. They can be used in different ways depending on your needs like it can be used as centerpiece flooring or can be hanged on wall. They can also be used as foot rugs or as table décor.

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If you are planning to grab one of them then you are making right decision but on the other side increasing your job too. You might need to invest a large sum of money if you go for contemporary type rugs and you will need to take good care of it to make it fit for longer use. Getting this in your home improves air quality, but if not taken good care of then it can have adverse effect like allergy and asthma. You can take good rug care by either calling professional cleaners for it or by doing it yourself following listed care instructions.

How to keep your rug’s condition maintained?

To take good care of it at least once in every month you need to flip the rug upside down and use vacuum to clean the dirt. If you have wool rugs then you can vacuum its front and back as well, while if you have synthetic rugs then you should use either rotating brush or beater bar to vacuum its front. At the back of synthetic rugs, you can use vacuum directly. Make use of white vinegar to restore the rugs brightness and keep it off with dirt and use it by diluting it in ratio of one part to three parts of water. Use borax to destroy the eggs or larvae of any insect present on your rugs. Sprinkle it on rugs and wait for about 20 minutes to show its effect and then vacuum it.

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