Ideas for Decorating Bedroom Walls With Murals

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When it comes to decorating kids’ bedrooms, murals never go out of style. Even in rooms that are simpler and cleaner in style, a mural can work as a focal point and help create a style for the room.

A Great Choice for Decorating Walls

One advantage of using a mural is that it makes decorating the rest of the bedroom easier and less costly. Once the mural is in place, not much needs to be added to the room except for solid colour linens and of course a nice comfortable bed for the child. You can find some nice budget children’s beds at Argos UK, or more special offers can be found here on small double beds, which are perfect for an older child or teen. Not only do these avoid making the room too busy and overwhelming, but also they are also easier to find and generally less expensive.

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A mural can also make it easier to come up with decorating ideas and create a real imaginative, creative space. For a real fantasy look, paint a mural on just one wall and use that wall as a “window” wall.

For example, a rainforest or safari room mural is a great choice for a jungle themed room. Just add the mural on one or two walls, and make the rest of the room look like a hut or tent. Add a garden mural to one wall, and the rest of the room becomes a cottage. A mural of outer space adds a backdrop to a spaceship room filled with futuristic furniture and accessories.

The walls of the mural can be left blank and do not need furniture. However, painting a mural over inexpensive armoires, wardrobes or other closed furniture is a great way to add storage that blends into the room.

Types of Wall Murals

New trends, designs and products make creating a mural easier than ever. Besides the traditionally painted mural, other do-it-yourself products make creating a mural within reach of any budget or skill level. These include:

Vinyl wall decals and stickers: Decals can be found at most department stores as well as from independent companies on sites like Etsy. They are a great choice for renters and others who can’t paint on the walls. Decals also save time and energy; redecorating is a lot easier – just remove the decals and start over.

Stencils: Stencilease is one company that offers life-size mural stencils, complete kits and detailed instructions. While time-consuming, most anyone can master stencilling to create a beautiful room.

Paint By Number Kits: Use kits from Wallnutz to easily draw a mural on the wall using transfer paper. Then, just fill in the details with acrylic paint.

Custom: Even a professionally painted mural doesn’t have to break the bank; look for art students or local artists.

Custom murals can be painted as a DIY project too. For professional results, use a projector to show an image on the wall, then trace it and fill it in. One idea is to use a page from a classic nursery rhyme or favourite story.

With very little effort and cost, walls decorated with a wall mural make a creative and fun decorating idea for kids.

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