How to get your dream kitchen in Sheffield

Published On January 18, 2018 | By admin | Flooring and kitchen

If you’ve ever watched those TV shows or read home improvement magazines, you’ve perhaps longingly dreamed about a new kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to live around Sheffield and Rotherham, the good news is that your desired kitchen is closer to reality than ever before.

There’s a good reason why companies get the reputation of the best kitchen installers in Sheffield and it’s usually because of a long history of satisfied customers.

However, it’s much more than just pleasing customers and creating dream kitchens.

Designing (and budgeting) your dream kitchen

Starting with design inspiration, where customers can discuss their needs and desires for that dream kitchen, experienced designers can advise on looks, styles, equipment and accessories.

Once a customer’s ideas have been listened to, an experienced kitchen designer can be put to work to plan out the kitchen – what will fit where, what finishings will be used, what colour schemes suit the house etc.

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Appliances are a vital part of any dream kitchen, so it’s vital that any kitchen installer has a wide range of branded kitchen accessories to suit every budget and style of kitchen. Some customers may prefer budget conscious kitchen appliances, whilst others may wish for the latest luxury high-end appliances.

Work surfaces are often overlooked, yet are often the key ingredient for a well-designed kitchen. After all, it’s the work surfaces that will be used every day and still need to look beautiful, day after day. Kitchen installers these days need to have a variety of worktop finishes available from laminate, granite, Mistral and hard woods, to name but a few.

Likewise, sinks and taps can make or break that dream kitchen, and it’s vital any kitchen design or plan considers every aspect holistically. A common mistake for customers to avoid is to not overspend on appliances and then budget is restricted for sinks and taps. It’s times like this that a kitchen designer’s experience comes to the fore, as they are well used to managing a design to suit a budget.

Installing your dream kitchen

Once your kitchen is all designed, your kitchen installer will arrange delivery and installation date with you. Again, an experienced kitchen installer will often have their own project management team, and keep you updated to reassure you that your dream kitchen will be installed just how and when you’d like it to be.

Craftsmen need to be used when installing, as a poorly fitted kitchen can soon turn your dream kitchen into a nightmare. This is why it’s important to employ a ‘turnkey’ solution for designing and installing your dream kitchen.

Often, householders think they can design and order their dream kitchen, and then just hire someone to fit and install the kitchen. Whilst this is broadly true, the reality is often far harsher. Installers often find fault with a design, or are not familiar with the requirements of the client, or don’t have experience with specific appliances – all which could cause problems.

In summary, the best way to get your dream kitchen in Rotherham or Sheffield is to look for  a combined kitchen design and installation company, with many years of satisfied customers and craftsmen installers.

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