For an Ultimate Basement Home-Theater Three Things You Must Do

Published On July 4, 2018 | By admin | Home Improvement

Your basement is the perfect place for you to make your ideal dream home cinema systems. The basements are usually quiet, and very less natural light is present in there, which makes it the most suitable place for home theater. Space also usually remains unused most of it, and some acts basements are used as a storage facility. So, why not use that part of your house as a home-cinema. So, before your dreams go wild, here are the must-dos for a basement home-cinema.

  1. Home-Cinema should be sound proofed

You shouldn’t disturb others, not even members of your family for your dreams. In the middle of the night, if you want to watch football or a horror movie, your kids and other members of your family are going to get disturbed who might have something very important to do in the next morning. The concrete walls and concrete floors will degrade the sound quality, so you need to cover them with softer things, like a sub-woofer floor and carpet on it will not make the sound bounce off the floor. Drywall, wooden panels or sheetrock on the concrete wall is a good choice. To make the wall look good, fabric wall panels are a good choice.

  1. Sound systems and screen

Before setting up a screen or a TV on the room, don’t just buy a big one, rather take suggestions, because always big is not the solution, it might make you feel uneasy. Better consult with someone and put on a screen which adjusts to your room size and comfort of watching.

After selecting the best sound system, you can put them in places from where they produce thrilling sound. Also, remember put the wiring safe.

  1. Lighting of the room

Lighting of your home-cinema will bring you the feelings of cinema. Don’t overlook your lighting for the best home-cinema experience.

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