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Most often fundraising attempts of organizations go to vain because of lack of effective fundraising ideas and improper planning. No matter how successful an organization is in executing field projects, they generally have to bend over backwards when it comes to raising funds.

Fundraising shapes the most vital activity of any NGO to maintain and continue their efforts for social welfare and growth. Multiple experts believe it to be the foundation of the nonprofit sector, which is very accurate, as steady flow of donations ensures NGOs to perform successfully. Raising funds is certainly a challenge, but with some help and practice, you can raise your fundraising efforts.

Here is a guide to help you find donors and enhance your campaign offline:

  1. Plan in advance: Do not wait till your project is coming to an end to start planning, because planning is the key. So that you have ample time to submit applications to various donors, start planning at least a year in advance. Do not miss any opportunity due to constraints in time as separate donors have a different funding cycle. You can engage team members in the fundraising exercise and allot roles for taking up different responsibilities for example; a person can conduct donor research, while the other can reinforce plans. Thanks to planning, you will not miss any deadline and all the communication with the donor is done in a timely and skillful manner.
  2. Diversify your contributors: If you are still stuck with traditional donors, it’s high time you broaden your horizon. There are several new donor tools in place, for example, crowdfunding India, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), virtual funding platforms, individuals etc. There is a huge potential to get funds from these funding windows, so keep an eye out for them. This will surely help you in engaging with multiple donors thereby boosting your chances of funding.
  3. Share your success stories: Share your impact stories as the donors like to know how you use their money. Sharing information inspires them to endorse your cause in the long run. Let the donors know that their money is making a change to improve lives and their continued support can bring about a positive change in the society.
  4. Write an informative proposal: This is one of the most important steps towards ensuring donor involvement and receiving funds from donors. The proposal should provide data on what you intend to do, what are your aims, key activities, how will it help the cause, money required, etc. Due to competition, you need to develop a strong case to obtain the fund. Writing a proposal is the most integral part of the fundraising plan, as it is the proposal that will decide if you will get funded or not.

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