Do You Get the Best Deals on Office Supplies?

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  • Office supplies.
  • Office furniture.
  • Paper supplies.
  • Ink and toners.
  • Franking supplies.

Prices and standards of office supplies vary, from furniture to pens and paper. You may be tied to a lease that agrees you’ll make all consumables purchases for machines via a hire firm. Sometimes the products on offer aren’t of excellent quality, easy to order or cost effective.

To check whether you are inadvertently throwing good money away that could be better used elsewhere, please contact a firm like Eagle Consultancy Group. They work with their partners at IMS to evaluate your stationery costs and provide you with competitively priced and outstanding quality alternative solutions.

Unlike many other office supplies firms, they aren’t in the habit of using loss leaders alongside mark-ups on other products in the range. They believe in offering consistently low prices.

Please don’t waste your valuable time or money shopping around trying to find the best deals, simply browse and purchase from a one stop shop. It’s so much more rewarding.

Whilst rushing to the supermarket or stationers may seem to be a convenient option in a crisis, it’s widely acknowledged that buying in bulk quantities from suppliers is a far better solution. Planning orders and monitoring office supplies can pay dividends, even for small businesses with low to medium usage levels.

Have you identified a pen or paperclip hoarder in your team? They may be harbouring items which make an immediate purchase unnecessary. Save money by buying only what you need or expect to use, plus a little to spare.

If you believe that stationery is not really an area to capture your imagination, no matter what the expenditure or savings, please look at these nuggets of trivia…

  • The pencil dates from the 16th century when graphite was discovered in the north of England.
  • 85% of highlighter use is of yellow.
  • Calculators originated in the early 17th It took over two hundred years for the first successful commercial calculator from Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar in 1851.
  • Ring binders have changed little over the years. The mechanism was invented in 1896 By Louis Leitz, and today strongly resembles its original form.
  • In the 1930’s an icon of the industry invented self-adhesive labels, R. Stanton Avery’s company has grown to be a dominant global enterprise in the 21st
  • The first stapler in the world was created for King Louis XV of France. Every staple bore the insignia of the royal court.
  • Before the humble rubber eraser’s existence people used crusts or breadcrumbs to remove writing or marks from paper. In 1770, the eraser’s inventor, J. Priestley, thought he was using bread then discovered that he had invented a staple item of stationery.
  • One pencil can draw for 35 miles.
  • Post-its are yellow by accident rather than design. It appears that adhesive tests were carried out on yellow paper because, by chance, the inventors had it in the lab with them.

Speak to a leading office supplies specialist about exceptional quality and value today.

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