A brief guide to flush your water heater

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Water heaters come handy during the cold days, when you need hot showers in the chilly weather. Well, these devices need to be maintained, in order to keep up the desired functional standards. Often, you need to Flush these water heaters, which cuts down the chances of damage, caused by the deposits of calcium and other minerals. You need to flush the tank at least once a year. In case your area has hard water, you need to flush it more often. You will require four gallons to white food grade, 2 hoses, vinegar, a five-gallons bucket and a submersible pump in the process.

The gas connection has to be switched off before you Flush the heater. The water valves in the device have to be closed. The two valves, fitted for flushing, are to be opened. The water present in the heater will come out. The water that comes out may be hot, so take the necessary care to prevent burns. Now clean the sediment in the tank with clean water and this will remove the mineral can calcium deposits in the tank.

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Now, the five-gallon bucket has to be filled with 4 gallons of vinegar. The hose pipes are to be attached to each valve. Connect the other end of the pipes to the cold-water line. This will allow the vinegar to move around in the heater. The other end of the second pipe has to be placed inside the bucket, so that the vinegar can return to the bucket. This will complete the process. Secure the pipes tightly, so that no vinegar is spilled. The submersible pipe has to be inserted in the bucket. Plug it in and make sure that the process remains smooth. Run the pump for one and a half hours. Now drain the vinegar out and clean it with clean water by running the pipe again.

The process is complete, not make it ready to operate. You need to Flush the heater regularly to maintain its operational efficiency.

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