5 kitchen decor themes to improve your space

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The kitchen is where the action is. Cooking, gossip, bill paying, family discussion—all happen in the kitchen. It is a space in which meals are cooked and dining ware stored; it is also a space in which everyday meals are served and everyone in the household gets a chance to catch others up on what they did with their day. When company is over your closest and most intimate friends will inevitably make their way into the kitchen as you prepare the meal. In short, the kitchen is a great center of the general hum and buzz occurs in your home.

You should make it stylish. You should make it a great space to cook and socialize in. This is best done by incorporating some of the more popular kitchen decor themes now circulating in the public sphere. Here are a few of them for your consideration.

Bare Bones Elegance

If you are one who likes sleekness and ease, a person who sees great beauty in a space that is free of extraneous items, then you should go for a design that puts sparseness at its center.

You can make it so that your kitchen countertops are kept bare of utensils. Such a design will allow you to store pots and pans on a single rack and plates, cups, and bowls on two or three shelves in the same space. All of your utensils are kept in one spot, which gives a free and de-cluttered feel to the space.

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A Zen Kitchen

Combining earthy tones in your kitchen will create a relaxing atmosphere. Blends of white and cream will do the trick, and you can accentuate them with shades of light green. If you keep everything clean and shiny, it can make the space quite comfortable and allow those who enter it to take the edge off.

The Bistro Kitchen

Many people are going in for themes nowadays. Rather than making your kitchen look like a normal kitchen you can turn it into a kind of private bistro. Imagine enjoying a nice pot of coffee and a Sunday roast in a kitchen that has the intimate feel of a Paris café. Acquiring cabinets and furniture that is darkly tinted and adding to that paintings and a chalkboard will give you the ultimate bistro kitchen.

Cottage Life

Or, you can opt for just the opposite. Instead of bring the big city to your kitchen you can introduce the warmth and charm of the countryside. It will take some work to produce the right effect. However, if you can get the right size windows and get them in the right position you will be able to bring in the kind of sunlight that will make your kitchen feel like a cottage. The appropriate furnishings and light colors will also be necessary to make this happen.

Trendy And Vibrant

If you live in a more urban setting, you may wish to makeover your kitchen with the latest in high-end design. There are a number of ultra-modern amenities and furnishings that can help you make your kitchen hip.

Are you looking to refurbish and redesign your kitchen? Get the kitchen decor themes you need to inspire you right here.

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