5 Inspiring Ideas for a Minimalistic Bathroom in Your Modern American Home

Published On July 17, 2019 | By admin | Home Improvement

Modernism and minimalism, these two ideas go hand in hand these days, especially when it comes to designing the interior of your home. No matter what area of your home you are planning to design, it can be your bedroom, kitchen, living or even bathroom, you can easily channel the spirit and charm in your décor style. So, if you are planning to deck up the interior of your bathroom and wondering how you will be able to channel the minimalistic appeal in the space, then you are at the right place.

Being one of the most experienced interior designers in the state of Minneapolis, I have been planned, supervised and executed many projects that have followed the minimalist route quite successfully. So, if you are planning to go by the same road, then you must take a look at the following points to know more.

Go for Neutral Palette

The first and foremost thing that you have to take care of is the color palette that will be the basic element of any design. Now, when you are looking for the best color palette for the minimalistic bathroom, think of neutral shade. You will be amazed to see how these colors can work like wonder in your bathroom. Go for white or beige. If you are looking for a bit of contrast, then in introducing grey in the color palette can be a good option too.

Maximized Storage

Having a sleek storage solution in the bathroom can be a really functional option for you. When you are planning a minimal bathroom, you would surely want to keep the storage hidden so that you can use the space without adding up to the visual clutter. You can rush to any store of wholesale cabinet and get your hands on a sleek modern one that will offer you the ample amount of space to keep your belongings concealed while you can boast on the classic minimal mood of the bathroom.

Go Floating

When it comes to the major fixture of the bathroom, it is generally the bathroom cabinet that you focus on. Now, when you are thinking of bringing the best result of the décor plan for such a minimalist bathroom, the best thing that you can do is going for the floating bathroom vanity cabinets. When you are planning to keep the floor space clear for foot traffic while making sure that you are not adding any bulky fixture, these floating vanities can do wonder to your space. Functional, gorgeous and minimal, this is surely a great investment if you are planning to get a minimal looking bathroom.

Tile the Wall

Your bathroom has no extra kind of ornamentation. If you are fearing that it might look dull, then tiles on the wall can save your day. The shine of the tiles can make the bathroom look gorgeous while also adding up to the brightness and the glamour of the space. Also, if you are dealing with the space constraint in your bathroom, then be rest assured, the tiles and their shine will give the illusion of making the bathroom look much bigger.

Add Metal Accent

Now, in a minimal bathroom like this, you can add something that holds an impressive statement of its own. For such an accent in the bathroom décor, go for the copper metal. Add a bit of copper in the handles and knobs of the vanities and cabinets for storage. You can think of opting for a copper sink too as this will break the monotony of the minimal décor and will add a character to it.

So, now as you know about these ways to create a stunning minimal bathroom, what are you waiting for? Hire a designer and discuss your plans with them.

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