4 Easy But Substantial Home Improvement Ideas

Published On December 25, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

Everybody loves a good home remodeling project.  Well, that is to say, everyone loves the idea of a home remodel project.  Actually committing to and following through with the project is another thing altogether.  Indeed, it is time consuming and exhausting and it can be expensive. Of course, that expense could be an excellent investment if you go about this the right way.


By the numbers, a fresh coat of paint is often the easiest and most affordable way to renovate a space.  Honestly, just switching to a new color can make an old space feel brand new.  You could also consider different colors for the trim (like crown molding or door frames, etc) to add more depth in the space.  There is actually a lot of study on the effect of color so you might want to research which colors work best in different types of rooms. Also, consider if the room will have exposure to natural sunlight as it is different from artificial light, of course, but also natural sunlight changes throughout the day.

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Speaking of color along the molding and door frames, simply changing out doors and door frames can make a massive difference. It might seem like a small change but it really can have a profound effect.  This is true of a bedroom door, the bathroom door, the front door, and even the garage door.


Your home might already have some hardwood but have you considered adding hardwood flooring to your Renovco kitchen remodeling strategy?  Replacing antique vinyl or linoleum with exquisite hardwood does more than just introduce a rustic sense.  Everybody loves hardwood floors.


You should plan to spend about 6 months just planning a remodel job but even when you have decided what you want to do, it might be a good idea to break down the work into single room. These projects can be time consuming but more importantly, you can’t use certain spaces when they are being renovated. Thus, if you try to do everything at once you might find that your house is actually unlivable for a time.  Remodeling one room at a time, though, can ensure that you not only preserve your energy and sanity, but it can reduce the risk that you spend too much too quickly that you get stuck with nowhere to go.


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